Chrisline Financial Services Ltd

Import Loans
We provide loans to finance the payment of import duties, taxes, and all other charges associated with bringing goods into the country for sale.

Stock Financing
We provide flexible loans that allow SME’s/ companies to financially cushion their stock building to fill their shops.

Shortie Product
The shortie product is to provide short-term funds to meet the needs of SMEs, Importers, Churches, etc.

Invoice Discounting
This product provides bridging finance to customers who have issued suppliers invoices to first class companies and awaiting settlement.

LPO Financing
We pre- finance request from customers holding first class corporate LPOs to facilitate prompt delivery or execution of such orders.

Cheque Discounting
We provide funds to customers holding acceptable post-dated cheques

Group and Trade Association Product
We provide Tailor- made product for group and trade associations.

Mini Package
This product is specially designed to support relatively small business ventures with growth potentials.

Distribution Package  
We provide this package to companies with large distribution network.

Monthly Revolving Ready Cash 
We provide readily available funds to businesses for the purpose of boosting their operations on a monthly basis.

Our loan assessment process involves: meeting our prospective clients in our offices, understanding the transactions they require assistance with, and together with them, determining how best we can provide them with a financing solution.Here is a list of documents you may be required to present to us:

  • Deposit account with Chrisline
  •  Bank statement (12 Months)
  • Company Registration Certificates
  • Utility Bill
  • Schedule of Sales Turnover
  • Cash Flow Projection
  • Current Stock Value
  • Current Insurances
  • Certificate of Incorporation (Limited liabilities)
  • Evidence of tax payment and VAT certificate/receipt
  • Certificate to commence business
  • Company Regulations (Limited liabilities)
  • Board Resolution to Borrow (Limited liabilities)
  • Form A (Sole proprietors)
  • Purchase orders
  • Contract award letter
  • Security Document -Current Valuation report for Land, Property or Machinery, Vehicle

All documents listed above might be required depending on the Loan request.